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We're a team of passionate film lovers dedicated to bringing the essence of cinema into your space through minimalist metal posters.

At Cineboxia, we believe in the power of storytelling through art. Our minimalist posters capture the heart of your favorite films with sleek designs on high-quality aluminum, ensuring a lasting impression on your walls.

Every poster tells a story.

Our collection? Oh, it's epic. From Star Wars to Pulp Fiction, we've got it all. And each poster?

Crafted with care, on high-quality aluminum, to make your movie corner shine.

Let's rewind to the beginning

A few years back, our journey kicked off on Instagram and TikTok. Little did we know, our cinephile community would skyrocket, boasting over 200,000 and 450,000 followers, respectively.

It's where our love for film found its voice, sparking discussions and connections that fuel our passion for cinema.

Our vision on sustainability

We believe the world of tomorrow is our world. While we cannot solve all of the world’s challenges alone, we can do our part to improve our industry. Our vision on sustainability is reflected in our sustainability strategy, which is leading in the choices that we’re making.

We recycle, reforest and restructure our industrial processes to reduce our carbon footprint.

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